There were 10 in the bed…

My children used to love this song – every Sunday morning they would pile into the ‘big bed’ and we would sing this with them dramatically launching themselves in different directions on and off the bed… I’ve been thinking a lot about headboards recently and am in the process of designing some ‘standard’ designs to put on the web site; but it got me thinking, what is a standard bed size? Is there such a thing these days?

The obvious answer is yes, in the UK, most bed sizes are ‘standard’ – however, you need to watch out as lots of companies have their own unique sizes, which may be the perfect answer for your room, but end up being tricky finding bedding or accessories to dress it with.

To this end, I’ve made a little fact sheet on bed sizes – listing the sizes in both feet and inches, as well as metres and centimetres to help, with headboard sizes alongside, just click on this lovely pink link: Bed & Headboard Sizes .  Headboards can be made up to (nearly) every requirement, so it’s always worth dropping me a line, if you want to Get in touch to ask questions, or have a chat about something completely unique.



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