Thermal blinds – a solution to spiralling heating bills?

So, it’s on the news again that heating costs will likely be going up again in the autumn, across the country. As spring turns into summer, it’s easy to forget about fuel bills, but come autumn, these massive increases will affect us all.

What can we do? Well, the one thing we can do is add insulation to our homes in the way we know best – thermal interlining. We can make curtains or blinds with secretly hidden thermal interlining. You don’t see it and it does a cracking job of keeping you more toasty, by encapsulating another layer of air in between the layers of fabric, to keep in the warmth.

We think this is going to be a game changer by the end of the year. It also adds to the luxury look of your curtains or blinds by helping them hang in a more subtle way, with more gentle folds or pleats and we may also be able to make some minor adjustments them to ensure they fit your windows as snugly as possible.

I’ve investigated how much using thermal interlining actually affects how much heat you lose through your windows – and there’s not a whole load of UK-specific research available.

Academics at the University of Salford are currently conducting research into the effectiveness of curtains and blinds at the Salford Energy House and their early findings seem to indicate that close-fitting blinds – particularly when fitted over windows located directly above radiators – can help reduce heat loss quite significantly.

American research from various universities looked into older houses and houses that do not have double-glazing or draughty windows and through tests. This research concluded adding and drawing close-fitting thermally interlined curtains or blinds at night in the colder months could save you between 25 – 30 per cent on your heating bills.

I know from personal experience living in old (and quite draughty) houses that adding interlining to window coverings has always been beneficial. I mean 25 per cent? It’s got to be worth a go and get some interlining added in – especially in your bedrooms, to keep you warm overnight.

However, a word of warning to the wise (and those living in older properties) – you must make sure you open your curtains in the morning and allow any condensation that has formed on windows to escape (by preferably opening the window a little) to prevent mould growth or wooden window frames starting to rot.

Now is the time to take action – we’ll be turning down the heating in the summer months and probably not noticing what we spend as much. But come winter, your windows and doors will need some love. It’s like wrapping yourself up in a blanket – do the same for your windows.

And patio doors – did I mention patio doors? These can be a significant source of heat loss, so get some interlined curtains up there before the weather gets colder again!

With the sun shining over the next few months, now is a good time to get curtains altered. We can also remake your existing curtains and ADD interlining in! Who knew?!

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Patio doors can lose a significant amount of heat from your home – close-fitting thermally lined curtains can reduce the heat loss and save fuel bills.

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