How blackout blinds or curtains can ensure a better night’s sleep

If you enjoy a weekend lie-in, blackout lining can make the difference between rude awakening and a luxuriantly lazy Sunday morning

The clocks are going forward this weekend – at long last! And whilst this means lighter evenings, the promise of summer and lots of exciting things, it also means we can start to wake up earlier as the dawn light floods into our bedrooms before the alarm clock goes off.

We all know that light leaking into a room can be a nuisance at times, especially in the summer or for light sleepers, but there’s an easy and cost-effective solution: blackout lining.

We offer blackout lining on all of our handmade curtains and when carefully combined with embroidered fabrics, or fabrics with read lines to stop them showing through on the fabric face, bespoke incorporation of a blackout lining does not detract from the curtain design.

Blackout lining is a durable lining with an excellent drape, the higher density weave offers greater opacity and protection (that’s very little light coming in to you and me!), along with great energy efficiency. The inherent properties of blackout lining include water resistance and it’s hidden, so you don’t see it and it should not be damaged by moisture or condensation.

My children have always had blackout blinds and curtains in their rooms, which really helped with nap times when they were little.  We offer a lovely selection of soft linen look fabrics, which work brilliantly with our blackout lining in made-to-measure Roman blinds – or indeed bespoke curtains.

Blackout lining can also work well in living areas where you are watching TV or in home offices with your computer screens.  Blackout can be added to Roman blinds as well – making it a smart choice, uncluttered and streamlined for these areas of your home.

Whilst blackout lining does add a little to the cost of your Roman blinds or curtains, when it comes to getting an extra hour’s undisturbed sleep in the summer months, it’s absolutely priceless!

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