Autumn Colours

The weather’s started to turn and it’s feeling positively autumnal out there in the evenings, so to celebrate the start of the ‘hygge season’, we’re beginning to think about hunkering down and hibernating, surrounded by warm and cosy things.

Whether you want to snuggle up or hunker down, it’s a time for being cosy and surrounding yourself with comforting things.  It’s the time of year when we swap our salad boxes for warming soups and we start to layer up our homes with extra blankets. 

I think it may be one of my favourite times of year, that hiatus after the summer and when I’m trying not to think too hard about Christmas (yet).  Now the children have gone back to school and are settled, it’s also a great time for a refresh, update and a jolly good clear out. 

I’m going to practice what I preach this year and really focus on getting my sitting room sorted. I’ve always had summer and winter cushion covers – so the lovely linen prints are going away for another year to be replaced with velvety warmth.

Swapping out coloured throws and cushion covers is the perfect way to update your sitting areas at the fraction of the cost of a full-on revamp.

I’m shaking off the dust from the draught excluders and making sure all my curtains and blinds are spider free (apparently collecting conkers helps and leaving little piles of them in the corners of the windows).  As we live in an old house with single glazing, all of our window coverings are thermally lined to make us as cosy as possible.

Our latest autumn display in the workshop highlights not only thermal curtains and draught excluders but also box cushions, as well as our very own velvet pumpkin made by Lucy, our work experience student! 

Box cushions are totally bespoke to you and the furniture they are going to adorn – whether it’s for a chair, old church pew or a window seat.  We can make them piped, or unpiped in a variety of colours to complement your interiors. 

Velvet seats are always a firm favourite, but if you’re looking for something more ‘bombproof’ (think sticky fingers and pets) we’ve got some great colour choices in more practical fabrics.

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