Easily add texture or a pop of colour to your room scheme with a set of our fabulously comfy hand-made cushions.

Hand-made designer cushions from Bee Creative Designs in Clitheroe

We can make pretty much any style of cushion you fancy in a wide range of finishes and sizes. From scatter cushions in muted neutral tones to complement a stylish contemporary sofa to statement pieces in bold floral or geometric designs with pops of bright, primary colours.

All of our cushions covers are made in our workshop in the Ribble Valley, using high quality zip closures. You can choose to have either a feather-filled pad or a hollowfibre pad. Both our cushion pads are made right here in the UK – in fact, we support other local businesses by buying them from a factory, right here in Lancashire. All our cushion inners meet British Standard Fire Regulations.

What size cushion you want, is totally up to you, but as a general guide smaller cushions work well in smaller spaces – in children’s rooms and on smaller sized furniture as features. Standard cushions for sofas are normally 18” or 20” and larger ones make great back rests for sitting up in bed.

Cushion Sizing

Cushions sizes are still measured in the trade in inches – which can sometimes be a bit confusing!

Cushions mostly come in square sizes, although rectangular or shaped ones can be made on request.

Here is a measurement chart of the most popular cushions to help you work out what size cushion you need:

12” x 12”30
14” x 14”35
16” x 16”41
18” x 18”45
20” x 20”51
22” x 22”56
24” x 24”61
26” x 26”66

Flat cushions

Basically a front and back cover sewn together with a zip opening at the bottom edge. Flat cushions are great for general use cushions – easy to remove for cleaning (great for muddy paws or small people with sticky fingers). This is our simplest cushion design and can be made in any size from 12” to 26”.

Piped & Self-piped cushions

Piped cushions have a line of covered piping cord applied around the edge of the cushion cover. We call it piped when we use a contrasting or complimentary coloured fabric and self-piped, when we use the same fabric as the main cushion fabric.

The piping line is approximately 4mm thick and we hand cut your piping fabric to cover the nylon piping cord, right here in our little workshop. Once covered and stitched in place, the piping cord is overlocked to provide a neat finish.

Piped and self-piped cushions have a zip on the bottom edge, partially hidden by the piping, so the inner pads can be easily removed for cleaning.

French edge cushions

French edge cushions have a little border of fabric around the whole cushion – making them look a little bit like Oxford pillow cases (it’s the same principal really!) The border creates a little double-sided flap of fabric which frames the cushion pad and makes this cushion cover into more of a feature.

The zip is cleverly hidden on the back of the cushion cover, so the inner pads can be easily removed for cleaning.  French edge cushions make the perfect larger feature cushions, whether you are using plain or patterned fabric.

Embellished Cushions

If you really want something out of the ordinary, we can add frills, pompoms, lace or other embellishments to your cushions. Embellishments work well with a flat cushion, however we can advise you on what’s possible. Our cushions can be created from almost any fabric and finished with a huge range of buttons, tassels, piping and other individual flourishes.

Box Cushions

We can also make bespoke box cushions for outdoor furniture and made to measure box cushions for motorhomes, caravans and boats.

Box cushions are named after their shape and are usually used on seats, benches and as floor cushions. They cover foam pads (which we have cut to size for you).  We make then with a hidden zip at the back, or in the most convenient place for removing the foam. We can make either unpiped or piped box cushions – both work well (although we like the piping one best!)

What’s the difference between feather-filled and hollowfibre?

There are benefits and drawbacks of both types of filling – you just need to choose the right one for you and your lifestyle.

Duck FeatherHollowfibre
Plumps up wellCan sag after a while
Always washes up wellWashes well for many cleans, but can clump together and look lumpy
Can make you sneeze!Great for allergy sufferers

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