Alterations and resizing

Alongside our bespoke and made-to-measure services, we offer a full range of curtain alterations, helping you to re-use and recycle existing curtains and blinds to fit your home.

Curtain alterations can be tricky to do yourself at home, so an easier option is to pop in and let us do the hard work for you!  We can alter all types of curtains – unlined, lined, pleat heading and eyelet heading to make sure they fit correctly.

“I’d tried to alter my own curtains and it was so stressful – Jane & Sally not only did an amazing job, but they were so helpful too! The curtains now look great and are exactly what I wanted.”

Tracey W, Clitheroe

We know all too well if you’ve bagged a bargain from the High Street for your home, you want it to look its best.  However, most High Street stores only sell curtains (and blinds) in set heights/widths – which may not fit your windows perfectly and that’s where we come in.

Using our tape measures and a bit of magic stitching, we’ll have your curtains altered perfectly in a short time turnaround – so you don’t have to be without them for long!

Curtain alterations may include shortening or lengthening curtains, taking some of the width from the curtains, making old (or new) curtains into blinds or co-ordinating cushions for your décor and more.  Don’t panic – we’re here to help!  Many of our projects are unique and bespoke to your individual needs – and it costs less than buying brand new curtains.

Whether you’ve upsized or downsized, moved up the road or relocated, we can help with the finishing touches, alongside our other services.

“When we downsized, I took all my big, beautiful curtains to my new (smaller) house.  The Bee Creative ladies were so helpful, they did more than alter the curtains – they made them into new ones that fitted the house perfectly. I’d highly recommend them.”

Michelle T, Whalley

All of our alteration service is completed in-house, in our little Studio Workshop, so you can rest assured you are in good hands with us.  We bring the same high standard of care and attention to detail with our alterations service, as we do to our handmade full curtain service.

Our Curtain Alteration service is second to none in the Ribble Valley – follow these simple steps to success:

  • Ensure your pole/curtain track is in place
  • For pencil pleat curtains measure from the top of the curtain (or pole) to where you want them to finish – this is your finished length.  Please measure in centimetres. (But don’t worry – we do inches and millimetres as well if you’re not sure!)
  • For eyelet headed curtains measure from the top of the eyelet hole/the top of the pole to where you want them to finish – this is your finished length.  Please measure in centimetres. (But don’t worry – we do inches and millimetres as well if you’re not sure!) Please note DO NOT measure from the top of eyelet curtains.
  • Please note DO NOT measure from the bottom of your curtains (trust us on this one)

Helpful Hints on Finished Lengths

Long Curtains

Long curtains look great if they are just skimming the carpet or floor.  If you have pets, you may want them to finish a little higher, so pet hair doesn’t get caught up in the hem and it’s easier to hoover.

If you want your curtains to look puddled, we suggest an extra 5cm more than the finished length.

If you want your curtains to look pooled, we suggest an extra 10cm more than the finished length.

Long eyelet curtains look best just touching the floor, so they hang well.

Short Curtains

Short curtains need to be higher than your radiator, if under a window.  This allows the radiator to do its job efficiently.  We suggest the finished length should be midway between the bottom of your windowsill and the top of the radiator. Please measure in centimetres.

If you do not have a radiator below your window and still want shorter curtains, we suggest a finished length of approximately 5cm lower than your windowsill.

“An excellent service in a get turnaround timeframe – thank you so much!”

David J, Chatburn


The cost of altering curtains depends on what we are doing and how long it will take us.  We offer both a machine stitched, or hand stitched replacement hem and we will try to colour match the thread or use a toning colour where possible.

Please note eyelet curtains may only be altered on their hemline.

Pencil pleat curtains may be altered in length, or we may be able to alter the heading tape to create something different from what you had before; this will depend on your window measurements and the look you are after – please pop into the Workshop so we can advise on the best course of action.

If you need your curtains lengthening, we stock a wide range of fabric books and can order samples in for you to try out at home.  Get in Touch or ring us in the workshop on 01200 871536 for a quick chat and free advice!

Alternatively, have a look at our range of bespoke and made-to-measure curtains and blinds.

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